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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 31, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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are lowe's and a bid for people in this antioch neighborhood. if we will show you how police put an end to this. >> a funeral today for the menlo park couple. we will have details coming up. >> we have halloween tips for you and your family to stay safe. >> first, a look at the weather and traffic. >> there's nothing tricky about the forecast because it will be nice, although it is " right now it will warm- up. upper 60s inside the bay. you can expect pretty mild weather as we head into the evening. i will break down your calling forecast coming up. here's a live look outside with george. >> we are tracking a stall that is starting to slow the traffic coming from the upper deck. this is westbound at night street.
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this is also known as the sky way. it is not however backing of traffic or affecting the ride at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have not been activated. >> in the north, there is a problem ease the petaluma. the roadway has been shut down because the power lines. >> following a developing story out of antioch where four people were injured after they were attacked by loose dogs. kron four's mike pelton is live in antioch with more on the attack, mike? >> the antioch boy had sustained injuries from a pit bull attack a few months ago. one witness stated that he believes that it was spitballs who were involved. police stated that a man was
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walking when he was approached by these the dogs. they came out and bit him and his dog. police stated that neighbors heard the commotion and came outside to see what was going on. the dogs then bit 3 of the other neighbors. antioch police from the blocks and a charged at them and they ended up shooting one of the dogs. >> i heard everything and i went outside to check it out. i saw cars everywhere honking. i heard someone screaming. there was a bunch of cops cars out here and i was scared and then i heard gunshots. i was really scared. >> i am glad that it was not calling because all the kids coming out. if that had happened during halloween when they're out it would have been just terrific and devastating. >> the victims of the bulk
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attack, they have life- threatening injuries. animal control did capture the second one and he is currently in quarantine. it is not concerned because the police are not releasing what type of greed and they are. one witness stated that he believes that they are pit bulls. they're trying to track down the owners. >> funeral services today for a menlo park couple killed in an alcohol fueled crash last week. balbir and kamal singh were walking their dog on chilco road last thursday night when they were hit from behind. this is video from the scene. the driver suspected of hitting them, marjorie reitzell, is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon. prosecutors say her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. reitzell is also suspected of hitting a car with four teens inside. they had minor injuries. she then crashed into a tree and was taken into custody. the funeral is scheduled
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for 10 o clock this morning at the chapel of the chimes in hayward. >> kids are twice as likely to be killed by a car on halloween compared to any so today is a good reminder for drivers to watch out for pedestrians and young trick or treaters on the roads. in san jose this afternoon, c-h-p officers and safety experts will be out educating parents and children. as well as handing out reflective materials to wear tonight so drivers can see them better. adults and children are being told not to be glued to their smartphones while they're out and to use crosswalks. drivers should also slow down especially during peak trick or treating hours between 5-30 and 9-30 p-m.
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>> police have released more information about the shootng death of 13-year old santa rosa police say a witness who was in the area heard sheriff deptuy erick gelhaus order lopez twice to drop what he believed was an ak-47 rifle twice. and gelhaus himself said he knows he yelled at least once to lopez to drop the rifle. but gelhaus said he is unsure whether he identified himself as a sheriff's deputy. police also say lopez was wearing a hooded sweatshirt but his hood was down. lopez was also not wearing andy headphones or earbuds. also, police say a second deputy was with gelhaus in the car, but by the time the second deputy got out of the car, the subject was engaged and the threat was neutralized. >> the teenager charged with trying to shoot a romantic rival and stealing the lamborghini of celebrity chef guy fieri was found guilit in marin county. 19 year old max wade was found guilty of one count of premeditated attempted murder for firing shots into a pick up truck in april of 2012.
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he was also found guilty of auto theft and posession of stolen property in connection with the 2011 theft of a lamborghini belonging to celebrity chef guy fieri prosecutors say wade stole the sports car to impress a girl. even though wade was convicted as an adult, his attorney says the fact that he was a minor when the crimes were committed must >> the judge has to take into account the age and the class of maturity. >> a sentencing date is set for december 16th. max wade is facing 20 years to life in prison. >> we will take a break. coming up on the kron4 morning news. house state law enforcement agencies are keeping an eye on sex
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>> president obama dealing with the fallout the affordable care act's enrollment problems. speaking from boston, the president said he's not happy neither is anyone trying to sign up for health insurance of taking enrollment for the 27 states that refused to set up their
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own exchanges. california's state exchange, has also been experiencing major issues >> meanwhile. hundreds of thousands of current policies are being cancelled nationwide, because of the affordable care act. despite promises that people could keep their current health insurance plans.the affordable care act law states that all insurance plans have to cover prescription drugs and preventative care.plans that people have, that don't provide that coverage are being cancelled. forcing people online to the healthcare exchanges to find new coverage. >> more than 47 million americans who receive food stamps. will get less starting friday. as of november-first, a temporary benefit from the two-thousand-nine economic stimulus. will no longer be available. the agriculture department says that means a family of four will receive 36-dollars less in food stamps each month.
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>> a southern california city's attempt to shut down production of the popular sriracha hot sauce is heading to court. a los angeles superior court judge is expected to decide today whether to grant the city of irwindale's request to cease operations at the hoy fong foods factory until the company can reduce the pepper and garlic fumes emanating from the facility. city officials say residents complained the odor gives them headaches, burns their throats and makes their eyes >> not coming up on the
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>> today, law enforcement agencies from all over the state will be checking on sex offenders this halloween. it's the annual "operation boo" compliance check. some agencies will visit areas where sex offenders are required to abide by curfew hours. they'll be out from four to 10 p-m tonight. >> a number of agencies will meet today to compare notes in the investigation of a castro valley facility that allegedly left 14 elderly patients behind when a state agency closed it last week the california department of social services closed valley springs manor on october 24th after it suspended the facility's license for a long list of alleged violations. paramedics and sheriff's deputies then removed the patients on saturday after they received calls for help from the facility. a criminal investigation is being conducted to determine if elder abuse other offenses have been committed.
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>> we are starting off with clear skies. this is definitely a chill in the air. santa rosa is not in the upper '30's. milder weather in oakland and san francisco is checking in at 50 degrees. satellite and radar shows clear skies and we did have high pressure building in periods it will allow for the temperatures to heat up. we are in the mixture of a modest warming trend. today is warmer than what we saw yesterday. it's 72 degrees for santa clara. concord will have a high of 60 degrees warmer. 70 degrees for castro valley and union street. downtown san francisco have a high of 64 degrees. today, i think we will see mid to upper 50s down the east shore line. >> by the time the tracker
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traders had out i suggest you should get it done early. you can expect mostly clear skies throughout the bay but i think it will be a little warm in the south. tomorrow is shaping up to be the warmest day. cooling and things of back down as we head into the weekend you can expect gusty conditions for saturday and sunday. >> we have been watching a stall on the skyway westbound and ninth in san francisco. the report was that the bill " was not able to be remote and the chp checked and only have recently cleared this. it has managed to back up the trafficay to the island. it is slow traffic across the upper deck on the
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old suspension span. they filed in the incidence of a belief is that the lanes are clear westbound but it did mean that the meeting lights were activated. >> the backup does not reach all the way across and this is about the time when the metering lights would have been activated, but it is still possible that this single stall could translate to a bigger backup. >> let's take a look at the other bridges. first, 92 at the san mateo bridge is problem free 11 to 13 minutes. the golden gate bridge ride is without delay is whether north or south bond. we will update your drive time 16 minutes from hercules to berkeley. west 24 is slow but 680 south is looking good. there are no surprises 4580 or 680. the
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south bay freeway is looking good and we are problem free 4101, 280, and 87. >> there is a colored easter petaluma on lake view highway and it was shut down because of downed power lines. >> syria has destroyed all of this equipment that can produce chemical weapons. that is according to an official with the organization for the chemical weapons. the officials say that the markets has made the november 1st deadline set by the chemical weapons watchdog. syria still must destroy existing weapons and stockpiles. >> in washington, after enduring weeks of criticism about its spine practices.
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u.s. intelligence chiefs are pushing back, arguing that all countries spy on each other regardless of whether they are enemies or allies. in a hearing, lawmakers questioned the value of angering u.s. allies for what they said was a minimal gain on intelligence. the director of national intelligence did admit that no one hands are clean and that the u.s. not only spies on his allies, but its leaders as well. >> this could be military as well. >> it is a policy decision but is it worth the risk.? >> meanwhile, entailed cheese and denied reports of thin as a surveillance on millions of calls in france and spain. the head of the end as a told lawmakers that a sweep on phone records
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overseas was carried out by european governments, not the united states. >> if you go out to eat with a friend who makes on healthy food choices, chances are that you will do the same. according to a university of illinois study of an oklahoma restaurant, researchers found that over three months, people who dines in groups tended to choose items in the same menu category. researchers say want to take away from the study is that people were happier if they work making similar choices to those sitting around them. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. forbes announces the world's most powerful people in 2013. >> we will be right back.
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>> time for the tech report with gabe slate. >> good morning, i am gabe slate, twitter just added a new feature that have people upset. this woman has just gotten in big trouble. amazon has launched a new program. >> here is a look at what is
6:25 am
buzzing. >> twister just added a feature with pitchers and video that people post. before, you would have to click on link to see the picture or the video the this posted. some users stated that this preview is taking up a lot of screen space and clogging their feet up. they stated that it is just an annoying. not everyone wants to see every pitcher posted. >> she is the first person that we know of to be ticketed for wearing google glass wall driving. if she was pulled over in san diego and given a and additional citation for driving while wearing her glasses. they stated that these glass as best-she posted a copy of the ticket or google +. the polls has gone viral and everyone is debating whether or not they should be one of driving.
6:26 am
>> >> there are basic props to amazon because they're making it easy for you to give to charity. this is a way to improve the world and it does not cost to invade. it will dole out 0.5% of your purchase towards a surety that choose. to use the program just to visit their web site and the first time you visit you can choose a charity that is spotlighted or you can pick your own by typing in the name. you just shot as you normally would. you will find the same products and the same experience but the only difference is that it ensures that your favorite charity will benefit. >> gabe slate, kron 4 news.
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taking a look at wall street. >> it could be an interesting day on wall street. the stock market retreated from on all-time high yesterday after the seller reserves as a the u.s. economy still needed help from the stimulus program. the dow jones was down 61. the nasdaq lost 21. the s&p 500 fell eight. opening bell today is as 6:30 a.m.. >> ford'bes released this list of the world's most powerful people for 2013. russian president vladmir putin took
6:28 am
the top spot, knocking the president barack obama from the top spot to no. 2. pope france is among the newcomers to the list, landing at no. 4. german chancellor angela merkel is the only woman in the top 10. she came in at no. 5. forbes says the the ranking represents their scope of at the ruins and financial resources compared to their peers. resources compared to their peers. >> [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered.
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>> the time is 6:30 a.m.. four people injured after being attacked by two dogs
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and antioch. it happens just before 9:00 p.m. last night. a man was out walking his at two dogs, when two other dogs approach to them and bit them. three neighbors went to see what the commotion was when adults and then attacks and bit them. when officers arrived on the scene, the docks to charge that them so they opened fire. one adult was hit and killed, and the other got away. the dull was found later and was taken to the hospital for treatment. the breed of adults have not been confirmed, no owners have been identified. >> the coast guard paid a visit to the mysterious barge that was floating off of treasure island yesterday. many are speculating that the vessel is connected to google. but the tech giant has refused with knowledge any
6:32 am
involvement. a coast guard says the they're not allowed to go into details on their visit citing commercial confidentiality. >> new information this morning on an officer involved shooting in san francisco's marina district from over the weekend. police now say that the incident was not an atm robberies, but rather a craigslist set up. chief greg suhr says that 19 year- old rommel narvaez agreed to meet with the victim and his sister to buy phones on sunday afternoon. when the exchange happen, he took the phones at gunpoint. the victim refused to give up the phone and was then pistol whipped. the chiefs stated that the gun and did go off once and fired a blank. the victim's sister then called the police were
6:33 am
they found him hidden in a bush. he refused to surrender and that is one officers opened fire. he was hit three times and he still remains in the hospital. >> we have pretty similar temperatures of like what we woke up with yesterday. in fact, we will see mid '70s. it will still be a little chilly with low 60's along the coast. i will break down your halloween forecast and talk about what is on tap coming up. >> the time is 6:33 a.m.. >> the metering lights are active at the bay bridge and the backup is starting to form. it is slow from the first over crossing. the oakland army base is not there anymore. the north bay, we have been monitoring a problem east of petaluma where lake and the bill high-school has been shut down. the reason for
6:34 am
the closure is some down power lines. we understand that the area may stay like this all morning long. they will try to reopen the road way within the next 20 to 30 minutes. maligned there is a new push for an earthquake warning system in california. this is a prototype development at uc- berkeley. a loss angeles the center wants to make this available across california. information is relayed from sensors near fault lines and alerts can be sent to thousands of people on cell phones. there would be a warning about a minute which to be enough time for bart and other rail lines to slow or even stop their trains. >> >today serves as a good
6:35 am
reminder for all adults and families to be extra careful on the streets of this halloween. safety experts say that you should take crosswalks and wear reflective clothing so drivers can see you on road spread drivers should also slow down especially during the peak hours between 5:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.. kids are twice as likely to be killed by a car on halloween compared to any other day of the year. >> some of you have been sending us close of your best halloween costumes and decorations. here are just some great ones. we welcome your photos, you can send them to us on our facebook page or e-mail them to breaking >> we are watching baseball.
6:36 am
the best baseball team and serene and the regular season, is the best team during the post-season. the boston red sox are celebrating their third world series championship in 10 seasons. the bearded bunche did it with a 6-1 victory over st. louis in game 6. this is the first time for the sox to clinch a world series at home since 1918 when they had a baby ruth. this is a eighth title for the red sox. bic papi , david ortiz and name and the world series mvp. boston's
6:37 am
victory in dance and the national league's three-year reign as world series champs. >> a lot of excitement and boston with the victory. in a city still recovering from a marathon bombings in april. red sox fans gathered at the marathon finish line to celebrate the victory. the red sox beone become only the second team in major league history to finish last in their division in one season and when the world series the next year. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news we will get a check on wall street with our financial expert rob black. >> hell facebook says it can't predict whether or not you will break up with your significant other. >> also ahead, the demolition of the old bay bridge could happen very soon. we will tell you when
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>> the first part of the demolition of the old eastern span of the bay bridge to be just days away. there has been a lot a prep work on the old eastern span. the engineers have been studying the blueprints as part of their process to determine how to take this bridge and down. the first piece that is going to be dismantled will be distilled trust cantilever. >> they will be able to hear it. >> the first phase of demolition should take about six weeks to complete. after that, crews will begin cutting into some of the major steel trust. >> a judge is proposing that pg&e pay $6.7 million in fines for improperly declaring safe to natural
6:42 am
gas pipelines and using misleading records in an attempt to minimize the lapse. a california administration panel is to the fine proposing after finding substantial record- keeping errors. but the pipelines are in the same system as the ones that exploded in san bruno and 2010. this is video from that explosion. two judges found the pg&e was a running one pipeline at too high pressure after improper testing. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. we will tell you how the new ad uc president janet napolitano is going to help students living in the united states illegally.
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6:46 am
been at the scene and that will return shortly. they will cut the downed power lines that are across the road. they have to power them down first. >> looking at the bridges, the bay bridge in the westbound direction is not too bed as we continue to see a small commute although it is building up a westbound direction. the drive times as 14 to 60 minutes. 92, the san mateo bridge has a volume that is down it is a 13 minutes. the golden gate bridge is still an easy ride 41 01 southbound. >> looking first at the east shore freeway where the westbound commute is that 19 minutes. we're starting to pick up slowing through san ramon and there was an incident with an animal carcasses. that is why we're
6:47 am
saying slow traffic 311 and 87, the guadalupe parkway is starting to slow. the north bay ride on 1 01 is not bad at all. >> we're starting things off on the chilly side. bethe level has a high of 37. we're saying 40's for the mid peninsula. taking a look at future cast 4 by lunchtime, everyone will be in the '60s. you can expect mostly sunny skies. the temperatures will cool but we're still back into the 50s and 60s. it is pretty mild weather for halloween. breaking down your afternoon high we will see 69 degrees for oakland and hayward.
6:48 am
concord will have a high of where we were yesterday. mid-70s for pleasanton. your trecker treat forecasts shthe temperatures will still be in the '60s your 7 their round the bay highlights tomorrow as the warmest day and the winds will pick up as we go to the weekend. do not forget to set your clock back on saturday night. >> we are watching wall street. we're having financial problems. >> you look fantastic. you cannot even see--can you get in front, rob has a great lakes, like a very much he do savegreat legs, and just
6:49 am
like valmelma he does not shave his legs. >> this makes for a great mystery. >> (laughter). >> ed is a good quarter out of a bay area company. they had a good quarter with a loss of transactions but a little bit of deflation. it beats paying less for gas. >> starbucks is a great
6:50 am
company, no they did not grow at a 15% they grew at 8%. we love starbucks. >> what about facebook? >> then where do the kids go on facebook, they are gone. they just are not showing up on facebook. maybe they're just going on instagram. >> this was the best financial report that we have ever done can you please address this way next week. >> happy halloween! >> i cannot go on. now i
6:51 am
feel like in is it not been dressed up. >> i have released more orange on, you have nothing on. >> new uc president janet napolitano says the she is devoting $5 million to help students will live illegally in the united states. she announced a plan yesterday and her first address since taking over as the head of the university system month ago. she is also given another $10 million to support postdoc toro and a graduate students. >> when you are about to get
6:52 am
dumped, you might have no idea. facebook says that it does know what it's about happen. >> a new study by facebook and cornell university looked at a million facebook users. researchers say that a couple with lots of mutual friends are still to% more likely to end their relationship of the next two months. this is more than a couple with connections to different groups of people. so and simple terms, the study suggests that people in the healthiest places as have their own lives and friends. >> one more time, raw one more tirob, this is the spirit.
6:53 am
>> this is our financial experts. >> this is even better than tom brady.
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>> new this morning, and after-school child care aid is arrested on the peninsula. kron4 will tran is live in front of the school and san mateo. >> investigators say that this incident took place and he befriended a young girl under 14 years old. they stated that he started touching her and kissing her. then, they're not going into detail and they received this step a few days ago. to them for days to move and and finally arrested him at his millbrae home. they're not going into
6:57 am
details as far as what exactly happens or if he has of the victims. they stated that it happened on the school and that he is not allow to have any contact with any children. the school starts and one hour from now and i plan to get reaction from the parents. >> hull did you say he was? >> they did not say his age of a sale was that a young victim, under the age of 14 years old, so obviously her identification is guarded. >> this happened at an after-school program at the school. they stated this is how he came into contact with her. they're not sure is there any other possible victims but they're talking to hurt and they're talking to parents to see if there's anyone else out there. >> the parents are shocked
6:58 am
by what has happened. i plan to talk to them when they arrive. maligned the time is 6:57 a.m.. we will be right back. [chris]still smoking up a storm? [tom]yeah.pathetic,isn't it? [chris] ever try to... [tom] quit?of course! my best time was six days. the worst was ...uh...23.4 seconds. [chris] so can i ask you... [chris & tom] why are you still smoking? [tom] [sarcastic] "it's so much fun." [chris]why not call the smokers' helpline? the program's free,and... [tom]and they'll tell me..."you oughta quit." [chris] not so. just tell them you're ready to quit.
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then,they'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you?
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and we have some halloween tips for you and your family to stay safe as you're out trick or treating today.
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